1. Your vehicle will be inspected at the lemon law hearing so present the best conditions to duplicate your problem. If your car hesitates first thing in the morning, leave the car overnight in a lot, so it can be tried under those conditions. Remember if you can duplicate the problem, that frequently resolves the case.

2. Sometimes problems cannot be duplicated, do not identify a small or non-existent malfunction as your lemon law problem.

3. Be pleasant and cooperative on the witness stand. You do not want the judge to see you as a difficult, demanding, or picky person in a lemon law case.

4. Speak about specific incidents to elucidate your lemon law problem. If a car did not start on one occasion, discuss your concerns about crime in an area. However, do not exaggerate the impact of small problems- i.e., the cupholder did not work and I cried.

5. Have friends and family testify at a lemon law hearing if they are familiar with the problem. They will add credibility to your presentation. However, signed statements are usually not admitted in a New Jersey lemon law hearing.

6. Be professionally dressed.  Short sleeves or tee shirts. are not acceptable.     

7. The lemon law hearing will concentrate on problems which still exist. Do not get sidetracked by spending substantial time on past concerns which have been resolved.

8. Be receptive to settlement, remember manufacturers win approximately two third of the lemon law cases tried in New Jersey.

9. The existence of an oil leak or transmission leak alone does not establish a lemon; you need to explain its significance and relation to vehicle functioning, safety, or value. Likewise, if a light comes on such as check engine, some judges require you to relate that to a vehicle problem.

9. Bring pictures or other evidence of the problems you had.

10. Be prepared to explain how the problems affect use, value, and safety.


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